What is 5% coverage of the page?

All laser toner cartridges come with carbon power inside of the unit. The amount of toner powder determines how many prints you will receive. All of our toner cartridges are filled to the same capacity as the OEM toner cartridges. A user can never determine how many prints they will actually get as they are not continuously printing the same document, therefore they are all based on a 5% coverage. This means that is you printed 5% of an A4 Page you will receive the amount off prints stated. A user will never print 5% off the page, average user prints 50-60% which brings the amount off pages lower than specified.

How to get the most out off you toner cartridge?

To get the most prints out off your toner cartridge depends on many factors such as font size, best quality or draft, font style, bold, italic and the width of the page border. Printing in bold requires more toner to be put on the page thus not getting as many prints as you would like to get. If your printing documents for home using the draft setting will save you a lot off toner.

What is a toner cartridge?

A toner cartridges goes into a laser printer. The cartridge has powder rather than liquid ink. Mono(Black) laser printer require only one cartridge where as the colour laser printers require 4 cartridges, one for each colour (black, cyan, magenta, yellow).

What is a drum?

All toner cartridges have a drum which is a one off the main components that lay the image on the page for us. HP, Samsung, Lexmark mainly have a toner cartridge which includes a drum. This means you never have to worry about replacing the drum as every time you change the toner cartridge you have another drum. Brother and Oki have separate drum units from their toner cartridges. You require both parts for the printer to work, you cannot use one without the other as it will not fit in the printer. The toner cartridge fits into the drum, which is then installed into the printer. Mono(Black) laser printers require one drum and one toner. Colour laser printer differ as the majority require one drum unit for each colour. In some cases with Epson and dell the use one drum unit for 4 colours but this is not very common.

When will I receive my delivery?

If you opt to have the “Free Standard Delivery”, the method off dispatching is 1st class recorded post which can take up to 5 working days. It normally arrives in 1-2 working days. If you opt to have the guaranteed next day delivery your item will go out the same day via DPD or UPS.

Who do I contact if I have not received my delivery?

If you have not received your delivery within 5 working days please call out customer service team on 0208 123 3461. They will be able to obtain a tracking number from our warehouse and locate where the package is.

What do I do if my item comes damaged in the post?

If in the unfortunate circumstance that you item arrived damaged please call on 0208 123 3461 quoting your order number and a replacement will be arranged for you.

What if I’ve ordered the wrong item?

If you have ordered the wrong toner cartridge by mistake we will gladly take the item back in exchange for the correct item. The goods must be sent back in the same condition that it has arrived along with a GRN number that will be provided by us.

Can I recycling my old cartridge?

Here at Quality Cartridge we can recycling your old cartridge by sending you a pre paid label so all you have to do is give the package to your local post office at no extra cost to yourselves.

Can I collect my cartridge?

You are more than welcome to collect your cartridge from Quality Cartridge. Firstly you must call the sales team and see if the item is in stock in our Wembley branch. If the item is in stock you must place the order online and then make arrangements to collect the item and the arranged time. Proof off ID and the card used to pay for the order must be brought along.

Will using toner cartridges from Quality Cartridge damage my printer?

When using cartridges from Quality Cartridge this will not void or invalidate your warranty. All cartridges are manufactured to the highest standards therefore we at Quality Cartridge will warranty your printer while using our cartridges. Please refer to “our guarantee page” to see full details.

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