Did you know that each year close to 11 cartridges are discarded every second? 11 cartridges per second totals up to a ginormous amount of 1,000,000 cartridges a day and almost 375 million a year! The United Kingdom alone has a consumption of 65 million printer cartridges a year with a mere 15% or so being recycled. With those figures, it isn’t difficult to fathom the fodder that we are producing for landfills on a daily basis. A printer cartridge that ends up in the landfills takes between 450 to 1000 years to decompose thoroughly and during that tenure, the cartridges are surely not going to be upright guests enjoying their stay there. While they lie in the soil waiting to decompose, they keep releasing toxic inks and fumes in the environment which do their bit in leaving a harmful impact on Mother Nature.

But we can’t stop printing entirely – can we? Not really! So, switch to compatible cartridges.

Compatible, or remanufactured, toner cartridges is the new buzzword in the printing industry. At Quality Cartridge, you can find cartridges of each and every type at the cheapest of prices. Compatible cartridges are made by recycling empty cartridges and are, in essence, promoting the theme of reuse. The way remanufactured cartridges work is that they use empty discarded cartridges. They unassemble each part, clean it and replace any worn components by new ones and fill it with new ink/toner before sealing them again. Every time a compatible cartridge is used, the environment is not impacted as much.

A cartridge is made up of a series of non-biodegradeable resources like polymer, foam, rubber and most importantly, 3.5 litres of oil! Recycling helps to decrease the use of these products, thus helping to keep Mother Nature clean and pure of the possible evils associated with printing. The lesser waste contributed to the environment, the lesser is your carbon footprint.

Quality Cartridge thinks strongly about the issue of the negative impact to Mother Earth and we work extensively to help make this environment a better place. We promote the healthier option – for our customers as well as for Mother Earth. We ensure that each recycled cartridge gives our customers the value for their money. We manufacture our own cartridges using EU approved toners, as opposed to some of our competitors out there who deal in cheap, far-eat imported compatible cartridges. These imported cartridges often use cheap quality material that contains toxic toner chemicals that damage your health and the environment by increasing your carbon footprint.

We follow strict processes to maintain quality and subject each finished product to a quality control process. Any cartridge that fails to reach the Grade A standard mark is not made available for sale. We offer compatible cartridges at cheapest prices along with a no quibble guarantee. If you encounter a leak in your printer due to a damaged compatible cartridge, we offer you a full refund. Engineer assistance is also free in the event of damage to printer due to the faulty cartridge. For a printer damaged beyond repair, we offer a like for like replacement. When you shop at Quality Cartridge for compatible cartridges, you enjoy savings up to 80%, free shipping and quality that leaves you impressed!

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